A Kuala Lumpur born androgynous fashion photographer, Aimanness Harun started attempting his hobby-turned- passion since 2008. Growing up in a big busy city, Aimanness was a Multimedia graduate before landed on his first job as Creative Designer and decided to end his career as an Art Director towards the end with the company he was devoted on for six years. Started his freelance journey as a self-portrait and lookbook photographer, he surrounded himself with people from associated creative industries, where he managed to make his small entrée into fashion photography specifically. Due various experiments and self-learning he made, he enjoys outdoor shooting due to his core strength that engages highly on the natural lighting.

The love for travelling always has a spot on Aimanness’s heart; he decided to venture along with his photography skills. As he busy wondering the world, he leaves a trail behind by having various outstanding outdoor test shoots with foreign models in the countries he visited; Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Bali, Jakarta and Los Angeles. This brave approach has soon become Aimanness most recognizable trademark among his fellow photographer friends. Within that short period of time, he gained more clients that requested him to shoot their fashion collection campaign, editorial and lookbook, including being one of the official photographers for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 (KLFWRTW2016).

2016 has been Aimanness highlighted year in his career as a fashion photographer. Opportunities became surreal when he managed to work on multiple endeavours with a well-known singer-songwriter, Yuna, a Malaysian born who made a spot in the US ages ago. The collaboration collection she has with a Malaysian award-winning designer, Hatta Dolmat, has given Aimanness an opportunity that is impossible to miss as the team accomplished to shoot alongside California’s renowned Malibu beach. Moving on from the achievements he made, he continuously photographed Yuna’s personal brand collection, November Culture and portraitures, which soon she became the face of Mitsubishi advertising campaign in Malaysia. 

Designers: Afiq M, Fiziwoo, Hatta Dolmat, Maatin Shakir, Yadotsa, Lana, Sutrasilka, Arda Putra, Zakwan Anuar, Quhji, Brian Khoo, Albert Ian, Ving Ming, Kitty Yiyi, etc.
Online/Commercial: TheList Magazine, Poplook, November Culture, Yuna Music, Mitsubishi, L’Occitane, Melvita, Pandora, Muzik Eyewear, Blanc & Eclare etc.
Model Agency: Andrews Models, Icon Models Management, Base Model, Balistarz etc.