Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lookbook #14: Haida

HAIDA, The 14th lookbook. Another last minute plan as usual, well. Thanks to Azni and Andy for the great location. Yes the locatuon to shoot its very important for every single project for me. It's been 2 years to shoot her lookbook anyway, and you can see that how far we went to. I'm not gonna stop for now, but as what I can see that Haida already pro to shoot herself. BRAVO! Who's next?!

p/s: Well I think its kinda hard to find some talent for male lookbook, any idea?

 photo haida-klang-blog-1_zpsstryoelo.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-2_zpsqptyaf0x.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-3_zpszrsyp1oa.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-4_zpswbayxerv.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-5_zpsy5oqe1fz.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-6_zpshdo9ayiu.jpg

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lookbook #13: Yuna

YUNA for November Culture. The second session with Yuna again, finally we managed to make it done at last. Well, she's so stunning as always. I just love the lookbook concept, so dope and swag at the same time. Well see ya next time Yuna, all the best on your concert tour!

p/s: Happy 29th Birthday to Yuna! May Allah swt bless you (and your family) as always.

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-cover_zpsha8wqbkq.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-1_zpsghz37bew.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-2_zpslbn4pott.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-3_zpskmflpm9b.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-4_zpshqzwm4d9.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-5_zpssdqlt02b.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-6_zps25ldvtem.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-7_zpsuci8inny.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-8_zpsijqmeul5.jpg

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


POOYA. Another fresh male model to be exposed. I'm kinda surprised with his spontaneous poses, unexpected. Well I think it's better to stop for awhile for male models series, hahaha. And of course I must continue the 'Beauty Crush' series soon. Sunglasses from Muzik Eyewear and Blanc & Eclare by Respec.

p/s: Well, I shots Yuna again! ;)

 photo pooya-by-aimanness-1_zpsgpnys0wf.jpg

 photo pooya-by-aimanness-2_zpsoawwlzyt.jpg

 photo pooya-by-aimanness-3_zpsv2zyqxnj.jpg

 photo pooya-by-aimanness-4_zpsndynjz5x.jpg

 photo pooya-by-aimanness-5_zpsljhcyywm.jpg


VANIZHA, our local female model in town. Still fresh but she's already covered lotsa fashion spreads of our local magazine, good job! As usual you can see it, Vanizha in Fiziwoo Cruise Collection / KLFWRTW2015. I just love her face expression, simply stunning. :)

p/s: Female models needed until end of this year!

 photo vanizha-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpsc2hycwps.jpg

 photo vanizha-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpskbttyx4u.jpg

 photo vanizha-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsauwn4cg1.jpg

 photo vanizha-by-aimanness-blog-4_zpsy76pubn5.jpg

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lookbook #12: Haida

HAIDA Yusof, the 12th lookbook. As you can see this time we made it with 6 looks, like finally! hahahaha. Pretty hard but we had fun all the time, no pressure, just went crazy another crazy short getaway as usual. Sorry Ipoh, maybe next time. And Yes Melaka was my final decision at last. Lotsa new place, but I do still love those heritage elements and the new desert as our finale of course! Okay more story please visit Haida's blog at xoxo

p/s: OKAY lookbook for men please, any suggestion?! :)

 photo haida-by-aimanness_zpsvaggnxy4.jpg

 photo haida-by-aimanness-1_zps7guqa7pp.jpg

 photo haida-by-aimanness-2_zpsn7jp4us0.jpg

 photo haida-by-aimanness-3_zpsi3onjjcw.jpg

 photo haida-by-aimanness-4_zpsjnak4ewc.jpg

 photo haida-by-aimanness-5_zpslkepux8e.jpg

 photo haida-by-aimanness-6_zpsmd9ncoom.jpg

Friday, October 16, 2015

Androgynous Night

ANDROGYNOUS Night. It's been awhile I didn't make any self-portrait lately, sometime I miss do this kinda thing, where I start for 10 years ago. Another inspired while watching In Vogue: The Editor's Eye last week. As I'm too obsessed with Vogue fashion editorials all the time. I'm collecting those Vogue magazines during my travel, or I just ask for the souvenir from friends, simple hahaha. And now I'm more to #voguefit as my daily workout routine. gtg, xoxo. 

p/s: What else I can say, I am more issue than Vogue. :)

 photo 1-aimanness-androgynous-selfportrait_zpsrrmwambn.jpg

Monday, October 12, 2015


EVA, from Czech Republic. This 20 years old model was pretty good at her age, travelling while study. I don't even know what exactly I'm doing when I was 20 kot, hahaha. Well, giant thanks to Afiq M with your daring collection, and of course to Fiziwoo with your epic cruise collection. View these 2 young designers full collection via instagram by click the names! Last but not least, special thanks to Ahma Dhani for the stunning make-up as always!

p/s: Major in love with the sexy back dress by Afiq M and black pants by Fiziwoo! :)

 photo eva-afiqm-by-aimanness-1_zpsi8pif0xt.jpg

 photo eva-afiqm-by-aimanness-2_zpsulbjg1wu.jpg

 photo eva-afiqm-by-aimanness-3_zpswuy4tmi8.jpg

 photo eva-afiqm-by-aimanness-4_zpstuzvpafz.jpg

 photo eva-afiqm-by-aimanness-5_zpslorrsvfi.jpg

 photo eva-afiqm-by-aimanness-6_zpstf8amsjb.jpg


MORTEZA. My second Iranian model. Nothing much I can do because the main purposed is always the body and expression. Love the final results, simply stunning. Thanks to Ahma Dhani as my personal makeup artist. Big thanks to Maatin Shakir and WEAREHIDE (Keith Chee) for those menswear, lovely! 

p/s: Male models needed in KL, spread the news! ;)

 photo morteza-by-aimanness-blog-1-2_zpsycfjrizo.jpg

 photo morteza-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpsmoobtdgx.jpg

 photo morteza-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsyfuuaapj.jpg

 photo morteza-by-aimanness-blog-4_zpsxlnnj7cq.jpg


RITA SURAYA. Stunning make up by Alvin Loh, well well. Finally I got a chance to shoot her after almost 2 years being friends actually. FYI, she was so easy model to work with, versatile and stunning as always. You haven't see her on the runway girls... fierce! I'm in love with her natural beauty, perfect. Guest what? She just cut her hair just like Tyra!

p/s: It's been awhile I didn't shoot Malaysian models kan kan  :)

 photo rita-suraya-by-aimanness-1_zps5nlx5cou.jpg

 photo rita-suraya-by-aimanness-2_zpscvgnjhe3.jpg

 photo rita-suraya-by-aimanness-6_zpsu4xchpg6.jpg

 photo rita-suraya-by-aimanness-4_zpsb06xzzd0.jpg

 photo rita-suraya-by-aimanness-3_zpsrqeqfohn.jpg