Respec: Lookbook #2

MALE Series. So I've decided to shoot this talented photographer Ridduan aka ttfga and freelance model, Shahar on last January. As usual, make-up and hair styles done by me since there's no big team, but thanks to Kaer Kazami for Shahar's menswear on that day. Finally I'm done with Muzik Eyewear collection for the #norespec campaign. I just can't wait to shoot another round, duo/couple version! Hava good night guys, xoxo.

p/s: I got lotsa thing to post soon, but when?!

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-ridduan-ttfga-1_zpsu6g57mdx.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-ridduan-ttfga-2_zps9qqp1dnd.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-ridduan-ttfga-3_zpsevybuobo.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-ridduan-ttfga-4_zpsojxwypat.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-shahar-1_zps8nvwg93s.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-shahar-2_zps2pxvpdmt.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-shahar-3_zpssle4xsqo.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-shahar-4_zpsyqnoxw17.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-shahar-5_zps24jtdecd.jpg

Respec: Lookbook #1

FEMALE Series. I shot this #norespec campaign by Respec on last October 2014, finally I've got a time to blogging after few months. I was so lucky because that time I was worked in a team. Thanks to Cody Chua as hair stylist and Cole as MUA. Finally I learn how to loan stuffs from our local designers such as Afiq M, Ving Ming and Kittie Yiyi. Last but not least, of course big thanks to these petite famous gorgeous bloggers, Cherrie Mun, Haida Yusof and Lumi for being a part of the campaign.

p/s: I just love what I'm doing right now and I wont stop of course. ;)

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-cherrie-mun-1_zpsll6qc4jw.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-cherrie-mun-2_zpszzii3cs8.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-cherrie-mun-3_zpshvrcmxit.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-cherrie-mun-4_zpssjswo40w.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-haida-1_zpsdslu8g4g.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-haida-2_zpszztgzdyt.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-haida-3_zpsdwvwj9vk.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-haida-4_zpsx4l398u2.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-haida-5_zpsdl4lrux0.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-haida-6_zpshyvnnile.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-lumi-1_zpspd8wtgar.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-lumi-2_zpsrpiowfsr.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-lumi-3_zpsz9mhvzhb.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-lumi-4_zpspdvhy82a.jpg

 photo aimanness-respecco-muzikeyewear-trio_zpslfudgg4y.jpg