Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Violet Fuschia

THE Violet Fuschia, one of the latest ever self-portrait before I left my soho on last weekend. At least I've made something beautiful with those orchids. But this time I used 3 Concept Eyes (Stylenanda) make-up from Korea, bought it when I was in Seoul on last February. BTW I'm moving back to KL like finally, and planning to have a proper studio soon. Trust me it wasn't so hard to do a self-portrait using your DSLR like the selfie-way. What you need to do is just play with any lighting (table lamp etc) in the dark room, that's all. :)  

p/s: See the tutorial like exactly I did last time. xoxo

 photo 1-orchid-aimanness-wallpaper_zpsyhvx9rpr.jpg

Monday, July 20, 2015


THE Wanderer by Irina K from Ukraine. So this is my first time shoot 2 couples of Andrewsmodels on the same week. This lovely couple was awesome to work with, friendly and funny. So this time I only depends to my one and only jewelry designer, Albert. It was awesome to work with Sofiana and Ahma Dhani again. What can I say, I'm totally in love with this series, lovely!

p/s: There's more to go for the big project. ;)

 photo 1-irina-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpsym8ffezm.jpg

 photo 1-irina-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpstlrpqmy2.jpg

 photo 1-irina-by-aimanness-blog-3_zps84q6yics.jpg


THE Wanderer by Christian Cobo from Spain. Another test shot from Andrewsmodels. This time I made something like a magazine spread. This is male version by Christian, a traveller who found his love by his journey. Thanks to Albert Ian for another collaboration, perte handamade was superb as always. Big thanks once again to Ahma Dhani as our MUA, and Sofiana as our hair stylist. Awesome job guys!

P/S: Farewell Soho, gonna miss you effin much! -.-''

 photo 1-christian-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpsctmx1ttj.jpg

 photo 1-christian-by-aimanness-blog-2_zps5h8qf1rg.jpg

 photo 1-christian-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpswdy6blx9.jpg

Saturday, July 18, 2015


AN Intricate Seduction by Patricia Orchel, from AndrewsModels. Another series for the test shot, I'm totally in love with the wardrobe from Afiq M and Maatin Shakir. Menswear by Quhji/Kaer and of course the epic jewelry collection by Albert Ian from PerTe. Grab some Muzik Eyewear from Respec and Ving Ming shoes. What else I can say for this series? Simple but meaningful, love it! Brazilian models are awesome. xoxo

p/s: I  think I should stop the self-portrait for awhile kan. :)

 photo 1-patricia-by-aimanness-blog-1_zps9zfku0zw.jpg

 photo 1-patricia-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpscf6jwxoj.jpg

 photo 1-patricia-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsppiprch2.jpg


AN Intricate Seduction by Matheus Henk, from AndrewsModels. Shoot this series on last Sunday with my creative team, finally. MUA by Ahma Dhani, Hair by Sofiana Sopian, and Jewelry by PerTe by Albert Ian. Thanks to Kaer Kazami and Maatin Shakir for the collaborations, love it! Yes this time kinda well prepared for the concept. Love the looks, love the concept even though it was only a test shot. Words by Sofiana Sopian. Enjoy the pictures!

p/s: Can't take my eyes of you Matheus! ;)

 photo 1-matheus-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpstdvtzu7g.jpg

 photo 1-matheus-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpsu6rvfjnn.jpg

 photo 1-matheus-by-aimanness-blog-3_zps9vdtocnu.jpg

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lookbook #11: Haida

LOOKBOOK #11 at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Some kinda last minute short trip with Haida and Albert. Yes this time Albert join the adventure even though it was only a day. Well since three of us never been there so why not we shoot somewhere out of the busy city right. More relax and chill, but shooting during ramadan was damn challenging, extremely exhausted man. But we made it at last. Thanks to Albert for the super ride! Honestly I just love those photos. Syawal datang lagi! ;)

p/s: I wonder if people still read my ancient blog today, hurm whatever.

 photo 2-haida-by-aimanness-bukittinggi-1_zps8je21itb.jpg

 photo 2-haida-by-aimanness-bukittinggi-2_zpspupv1qzj.jpg

 photo 2-haida-by-aimanness-bukittinggi-6_zpsyrobzylb.jpg

 photo 2-haida-by-aimanness-bukittinggi-3_zpsl5gyk4ge.jpg

 photo 2-haida-by-aimanness-bukittinggi-5_zpsjvaj61rw.jpg

 photo 2-haida-by-aimanness-bukittinggi-7_zps88piwyfv.jpg

 photo 2-haida-by-aimanness-bukittinggi-4_zpskj2xkyu5.jpg