Thursday, January 21, 2016


LE Credo du Soir by Elis. Another Brazilian female model after Samanta from Icon Model Management (KL). Finally I've made this shoot at very last minute, well what can I say, perfectly done! Thanks to my creative team (Haida and Yan) for the great work, but this time we had Fiziwoo and Kai, the designers to join the team! 2016 more fashion editorial to challenge!

p/s: Love ALL! yeah!

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-0_zpshcwn285a.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-1_zpsozunv7mk.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-2_zpsou9ol4vo.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-3_zps5y7nihb2.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-4_zpsu92lims5.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-5_zpswjiayx9v.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-6_zpsgejba9ys.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-7_zpsi7gqw5ax.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-8_zpsavkcdir0.jpg

 photo blog-elis-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-9_zpslorintty.jpg

Friday, January 08, 2016


FAREWELL 2015, a struggle year I've continue my fashion photography to the next level. Never had enough for what I've done, I need to shoot more and more and I wont' stop. 2016 is the best year for me to aim more fashion spreads to build my name internationally. It's never to late, now or never! Top by Fiziwoo.

p/s: check out my latest self-portraits from 2008 on PROFILE link.

 photo farewell2015-aimanness_zpslfqwyd4x.jpg

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


SAMANTA. It's been long time I didn't do some outdoor shoot for fashion. Actually it's just like same method that I've always shots Haida all this while. I found this place as what what I want, and thanks to Fiziwoo for his '14/15 RTW collection, and Edmund from Icon Model Management, lovely! FYI, Samanta is the tallest female model I've ever met, 185cm baby! Big thanks to Yan as my personal MUA all the time, good job. I just can't wait to shoot more and more soon!

p/s: I love all looks, stunning!

 photo samanta-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-blog 1_zpshinbipjv.jpg

 photo samanta-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-blog 2_zpsjujpiom4.jpg

 photo samanta-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-blog 3_zpsyku3gu8k.jpg

 photo samanta-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-blog 4_zpsegyvzosp.jpg

 photo samanta-for-fiziwoo-by-aimanness-blog 5_zpsm5rrcmsh.jpg

Wednesday, December 09, 2015


H&M X BALMAIN, my first online fashion spread for THE LIST OFFICIAL like finally. This time I've work with my fav creative people like Haida and Calvin (stylist), Owen (I must say he's a good photographer as well) and of course my lovely MUA, Ahma Dhani. Ya this our second time shots this couple, Chris & Ira. Thanks for believing in me at this time, we made at last since you requested a strong photo. Big giant thanks to Haida as our mastermind for this project (Well, it's Balmain bitch). Sucha wonderful experience when you only depends with those LED lights, awesome!

p/s: See the full spread by click this link! 

 photo hmbalmaination-thelist-by-aimanness-1_zpsni1d3xjo.jpg

 photo hmbalmaination-thelist-by-aimanness-2_zpslbkwpbcp.jpg

 photo hmbalmaination-thelist-by-aimanness-3_zps4bqcp8mp.jpg

 photo hmbalmaination-thelist-by-aimanness-4_zpshwquktue.jpg

 photo hmbalmaination-thelist-by-aimanness-5_zpsdpcopo7v.jpg

 photo hmbalmaination-thelist-by-aimanness-6_zpskl74nbu8.jpg

 photo hmbalmaination-thelist-by-aimanness-7_zpsvrvm4imm.jpg

 photo hmbalmaination-thelist-by-aimanness-8_zpsf91mzqyg.jpg


ABIL, another new male model in town. I discovered him from the social media. It's pretty awesome to shoot new models instead of the superb one. Well this guy is totally same height with me as expected. I just love this simply stunning shots, nicely done. Good job Abil :)

p/s: I'm in love with the last photo, perfectly Vogue hahaha. 

 photo abil-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpsrybbaqkl.jpg

 photo abil-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpsatrclxie.jpg

 photo abil-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsbzkquh4y.jpg

 photo abil-by-aimanness-blog-4_zpsnmlqiuvx.jpg

Tuesday, December 08, 2015


RITA SURAYA, another series. This time we did some beauty shots with accessories that I bought from Bangkok last time. Yes I always invest for every single shoot I planned, either studio or maybe some props to play with. Well, it's not that hard to do it actually, you can use anything as long as it looks creative. Simple.

p/s: I just love her smize, perfect!

 photo 1-rita-suraya-by-aimanness-BLOG-1_zpsnwoxn0mq.jpg

 photo 1-rita-suraya-by-aimanness-BLOG-2_zpsfwdx3zj6.jpg

Monday, November 30, 2015

Androgyny Creatures

ANDROGYNY Creatures, another latest self-portraits at the moment. Can't wait to plan for my final self-portrait for this year. Just need to well prepare to make it awesome. Well just wanted to do some comeback for some beauty crush. To be continue.... 

p/s: I need more wigs! ;)

 photo androgyny-creatures-by-aimanness_zpsfrj9em72.jpg

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lookbook #14: Haida

HAIDA, The 14th lookbook. Another last minute plan as usual, well. Thanks to Azni and Andy for the great location. Yes the locatuon to shoot its very important for every single project for me. It's been 2 years to shoot her lookbook anyway, and you can see that how far we went to. I'm not gonna stop for now, but as what I can see that Haida already pro to shoot herself. BRAVO! Who's next?!

p/s: Well I think its kinda hard to find some talent for male lookbook, any idea?

 photo haida-klang-blog-1_zpsstryoelo.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-2_zpsqptyaf0x.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-3_zpszrsyp1oa.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-4_zpswbayxerv.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-5_zpsy5oqe1fz.jpg

 photo haida-klang-blog-6_zpshdo9ayiu.jpg

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lookbook #13: Yuna

YUNA for November Culture. The second session with Yuna again, finally we managed to make it done at last. Well, she's so stunning as always. I just love the lookbook concept, so dope and swag at the same time. Well see ya next time Yuna, all the best on your concert tour!

p/s: Happy 29th Birthday to Yuna! May Allah swt bless you (and your family) as always.

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-cover_zpsha8wqbkq.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-1_zpsghz37bew.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-2_zpslbn4pott.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-3_zpskmflpm9b.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-4_zpshqzwm4d9.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-5_zpssdqlt02b.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-6_zps25ldvtem.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-7_zpsuci8inny.jpg

 photo yuna-november-culture-by-aimanness-8_zpsijqmeul5.jpg