Yadotsa Lebaran

YADOTSA LEBARAN. The new collection of 2014. I just love those laces on prints, so beautiful. Model by Laissa Medeiros, she's totally stunning and very friendly model that I've ever met. Thanks so much to Yadotsa; Alia, Xema and Alissa for being a great team on that day. Since I got chance to update my blog today, saya mengucapkan selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan kepada semua Muslims di seluruh negara. 

P/S: Raya datang lagi! ;)

 photo aimanness-yadotsa-1_zps2f888941.jpg

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Royal Beholder

ROYAL BEHOLDER, some latest self-portraits from last night shots. Second inspiration of Khaleesi, Game of Thrones. The first one I need to re-shoot to make it better. I'm working with 3 jobs at the same time to pay those bills. I'm not kinda person who own luxury things but I'm more concern and particular of my own lifestyle and cameras. Just created my instagram, you can follow my daily-selfie for 24/7. Hahaha hava nice day bloggers!

P/S: I think I'm in love, maybe not.

 photo 1-royal-beholder-aimanness_zpsd2fe4ae0.jpg