Self-Portrait: 2014

SELF-PORTRAIT. I can say that 2014 was awesomely challenging to compare than last year. Started build up my portfolio for every month especially for the lookbook series with Haida. Not much of fashion shots but it's okay, soon! 2015 will be the great year to focus more on fashion series. Ya maybe there's lotsa fashion photographers out there, and some of them are quite famous and establish in Malaysia, but I think it's never too late for me to challenge myself to continue my journey. I'll never stop it cause I've just started even though for last 5 years. Last but not least, thanks alot to Perte (jewelry) and Maatin Shakir (black dress) for your epic collection ;) xoxo

P/S: 2015, bring it on... bitch!

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 photo 1_flowerenza-blog_zps0331a406.jpg

 photo 1_perte_by_aimanness_blog_zps0edd8fa2.jpg

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PERTE, FRACTURE 2015. Another collection that makes me interesting to shoot again with Perte. But this time I shots my second Iranian model, Sina Sinry to make it different concept. Like from white (Sposa/Haida) to black (this) huh. Ya I kinda like these final results. Oh you know what, we just plan for the third series, gonna be so fantasy I think. Just wait and see okay. Enjoy the pictures guys! Do visit for more information.

P/S: I think Jessica Alba is damn hot (I'm still watching the Fantastic Four)

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