Wednesday, September 14, 2016


JOASH, an androgyny male model in town. You can spotted him at Fiziwoo's campaign, one of the coolest model. Finally we've managed to shoot him for 2 hours, another good records for my outdoor routine. Make up by Ahma Dhani, hair and styling by Anna Sophiana. I just grab an intern, Zafiqran as my new assistant, thank you cos managed to get the place. What can I say, I'm in love with his androgynous look ever, effortless. Thank you to Maatin Shakir, Nabil Volkers and Sutrasilka for the menswear! Happy Holiday! xx

p/s: Love the make up, love the look, love all of 'em.

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpsxrbia4dc.jpg

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-5_zpst76apgfg.jpg

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpseqtotljj.jpg

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsy2e3sru8.jpg

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-4_zpsysyzoyey.jpg

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-7_zps5ebetcmv.jpg

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-6_zpss9sdbzfc.jpg

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-8_zpszmvq8bsa.jpg

 photo joash-by-aimanness-blog-9_zpsmzznwrth.jpg

Sunday, September 11, 2016


ANNA G, a fresh face female model from Andrewsmodels Malaysia. Inspired by Vogue Turkey of course. Yes, styling by the greatest Haida Yusof, hair and make up by Ahma Dhani as always. I just love the golden age make up with the turban, lovely. Oh well the location was at Haida's pool garden. The leopard gold top by H&M and the marie antoinette top by Lolopeh, stunning!

p/s: I can't wait for the work trip soon!

 photo anna-g-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpsd8jbtlsf.jpg

 photo anna-g-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpsbsxtltb4.jpg

 photo anna-g-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsc1a5qe94.jpg

 photo anna-g-by-aimanness-blog-4_zpsx2qjajox.jpg

Wednesday, September 07, 2016


WOO/FIZIWOO & WOO/BROTHERS for KLFWRTW2016 make up by Ahma Dhani (Yan). We've got the vibes when the duo designers make our Malaysian Supermodel, Tini with another two androgynous model for the campaign. As what we can see, this year Fiziwoo show up the first ever menswear collection, stunning! If you noticed them at the KL Fashion Week last month, they came out with 51 looks for the runway for the final show. Amazing! Hands up for the third campaign I did with Fiziwoo, thank you to Kai and Fizi again and again. xox

p/s: It was awesome to shoot with the beauty dish lighting actually, no doubt.

 photo fiziwoo-klfw2016-by-aimanness-blog-6_zpsqhzabvdh.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-klfw2016-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpsgprdoca2.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-klfw2016-by-aimanness-blog-3_zps3g5z59ka.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-klfw2016-by-aimanness-blog-4_zpsk41oovzw.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-klfw2016-by-aimanness-blog-5_zpsmxp3jjvs.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-klfw2016-by-aimanness-blog-1_zps20gpxddg.jpg

Monday, September 05, 2016


HATTA X YUNA, Nuova Flora. I told Yuna that I would love to shoot her outdoor last time and TA-DA! so this project is one of the biggest achievement for my career so far, thank you to Yuna, Hatta and Yuna Room Records for the amazing journey of course. In fact, I'm so proud with my team in LA (Haida, Gabby, Faizura, Hatta, Didi and Auntie / Sucre Couture: accessories) and thanks to the models as well (Kristina and Olivia). As what you can see my trip in LA (from my personal instagram account), nothing much I can tell and you know why cos I'm already in love with Los Angeles (shooting place: Antelope Valley, El Matador Beach, Malibu Sand Dunes and Vasquez Rocks). The shoot was SPEECHLESS, you tell me. You can get the collection from Fashion Valet right now! :)

p/s: NYC, I'm coming for ya!

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-7_zpsziuk3jsn.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpslbhfb25t.jpg

 photo hatta-yuna-2016-day3-vasquezrocks-by-aimanness 23-new_zpswkztyl6y.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-2_zps6lzxlh6v.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-9_zpslzoxafhm.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpspt2n8xdi.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-10_zps6wlausqo.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-4_zpsqyrjvguf.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-11_zpsbnjjtehy.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-5_zpsk1t1g0hs.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-12_zpsxiuwevp4.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-6_zpsnn1ckc6c.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-14_zpst1dsbxp9.jpg

 photo hattaxyuna-by-aimanness-blog-13_zpsvgr1gebd.jpg

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Sutrasilka 2016

SUTRASILKA 2016, another lookbook series finally. One of my best client ever, we only work with this one and only stylist, Sahilah as she knew the branding for the client. Alexandre from Andrewsmodels Malaysia with almost 190cm height. Sometimes it's good to shoot some menswear to challenge yourself indirectly to be honest. Well, I'm kinda love the final images. Get the collection from the website right now! I just love the campaign photo, so stunning.

p/s: Forgive my bad hair styling, I'm still learning :)

 photo sutrasilka-klfwrtw2016-campaign-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpsadieizjr.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-klfwrtw2016-campaign-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsap7vybya.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-klfwrtw2016-campaign-by-aimanness-blog-4_zps1xjit8dd.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-klfwrtw2016-campaign-by-aimanness-blog-5_zpsrj2zi7nk.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-klfwrtw2016-campaign-by-aimanness-blog-6_zpsvnlg37bw.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-klfwrtw2016-campaign-by-aimanness-blog-7_zps05ult9aj.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-klfwrtw2016-campaign-by-aimanness-blog-1-1_zpsha7ge0im.jpg


LANA Spring Summer 2017. Another campaign after the raya collection. Thanks alot to LANA team especially to Lulu Mansor and Lana Hazmi for the second one. Plus, Alvin Loh for the hair and makeup and Fish as our model campaign, you rocks! A good model to work with, love it. The final photo is the collaboration with the social media influencers with the models as an iconic campaign photo, lovely. You can get the collection for KLFWRTW2016 by LANA right now!

p/s: I should get the pants soon, hahaha!

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-2_zpswqavzyxv.jpg

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-4_zpskaefi714.jpg

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-5_zps1a9h8jhx.jpg

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-6_zpslajbku4g.jpg

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-7_zps8hq6or9u.jpg

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-8_zpstf0hxejg.jpg

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-9_zpscj7h1n3w.jpg

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-3_zpsmpim8rel.jpg

 photo lana-ss17-campaign-blog-1_zpseglgsajd.jpg

Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Longing

THE Longing, an editorial series capturing the emotional sense of belonging under the narrative of iconic Malay movie 'Perempuan, Isteri dan ...' Thank you to Haida Yusof for this special project, we're totally in love with the concept. It was a very last minute spontaneous road trip to Penang and Kedah with this couple-model, Shan and Rubini. Full look and styling all by Haida Yusof FYI. We've got some good feedback for this spread, well done guys. Let's make it another one soon okay!

p/s: Featured in the KLFW2016 Magazine!

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-1_zpsuwahamia.jpg

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-2_zpsy38besdw.jpg

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-3_zpswvkvt0cw.jpg

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-5_zpsmxghm2dm.jpg

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-4_zpsxposcmkz.jpg

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-6_zpsjybd2ymh.jpg

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-7_zpszwi8sxac.jpg

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-9_zpsl0eao2ie.jpg

 photo shan-rubi-by-haida-aimanness-blog-8_zpsyrvrpg0t.jpg

 photo layout-mag-3d-thelonging-by-aimanness_zpsbjpmecmv.jpg