Lookbook #4: Haida & Jes

FOURTH Lookbook by Haida Yusof. Another collaboration with fashion designer and fashion stylist, Jesinta. Ya as you notice that Jes is always be my personal model all the time. So this time she wanted to do something soft and chill. But this series I need to shoot them separately because it was different personality ever. Finally we managed to handle even though during fasting month last time.

P/S: Kinda busy and restless lately, just ignore those typo and grammar. *yawn*

 photo lookbook_haida_by_aimanness_41_zpsed224192.jpg

 photo lookbook_haida_by_aimanness_47_zpsb4af9266.jpg

 photo lookbook_haida_by_aimanness_42_zpsace870f5.jpg

 photo lookbook_haida_by_aimanness_46_zps4fcbd994.jpg

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 photo lookbook_haida_by_aimanness_44_zps6d772f66.jpg

Lookbook #3: Haida

THIRD Lookbook by Haida Yusof. I've received a lotsa good feeback from her first lookbook. So we both plan to continue and keep on do it monthly. It's good to have some personal lookbook with Haida actually since lookbook is kinda trending nowadays. So we did something different version which is shoot at night. Reminds me the 'Gossip Girl', totally.

P/S: Addicted to The Client List & Witches of  East End.

 photo lookbook_haida_by_aimanness_31_zps7ab5e6b7.jpg

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