Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lookbook #16: POPLOOK Painting Porcelain

POPLOOK, Painting Porcelain Collection. A second lookbook series from POPLOOK. We've done the both collection shooting in one day. I just love the make up from Khai Baha (@khaibaha). I bought that backdrop like finally, for sure I can't wait to reuse again for the fashion shoot! Don't forget to shop at POPLOOK right now! More picture on @POPLOOK instagram. 

p/s: I got a major announce soon, the thing that I've been waiting since 2013.

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-a_zpsyvls72ib.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-b_zps0sfi7x4n.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-c_zpswgluedqd.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-d_zpspd5bt2v2.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-e_zpszbktic2w.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-f_zps5p52ot3u.jpg

Lookbook #15: POPLOOK Secret Garden

POPLOOK, A Secret Garden Collection. My first lookbook for 2016 make-up by Khai Baha. Since its a floral collection so we decided go for pink as the backdrop. I just love the pink color with every detail, minimalist. Thanks to Joanne and Nina especially and everyone who made it as a great creative team on that day. You can view more picture on @POPLOOK instagram. Shop at right now!

p/s: I just bought Hatta for Zalora this year! 

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-1_zpsyelenohl.jpg

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-2_zpsgzsawu4q.jpg

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-3_zps4sftfgik.jpg

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-4_zpsw36ddut7.jpg

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-5_zpsk3id9rf7.jpg

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


MARCIO styled by Haida Yusof. Thanks to Haida and Hatta Dolmat for the good work. Oh yes, this shoot was in Santa Monica Pier, California! Well, finally I've managed to shoot Marcio since I missed the chance when he was in KLFW2015 last time. OMG! I just love this test shoot, at least I can brought something back instead of nothing. Click this >link< to see some vlog from Yuna. I just miss LA so so much la! :)

p/s: I just can't wait to share my LA journey to all of you.

 photo marcios-by-aimanness-1_zpspmuczlah.jpg

 photo marcio-by-aimanness-2_zpsqziplq9n.jpg

 photo marcio-by-aimanness-3_zpsg64ksunp.jpg

 photo marcio-by-aimanness-4_zpsthi1wvbu.jpg

 photo marcio-by-aimanness-5_zpszxk93n5n.jpg

 photo marcios-by-aimanness 21_zpsnhxrpqsh.jpg

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

YADOTSA Lebaran 2016

YADOTSA Lebaran 2016. The second year I shots for Yadotsa Lebaran, the new Breccia collection for this coming raya. I just love the concept, especially the location itself. Thanks to Yadotsa team and Alvin as our MUA on that day. Look at those 'Kurungs', you can view more on Yadotsa instagram and Fashion Valet right now!

p/s: The first image was stunningly amazing.

 photo yadotsa-2016-by-aimanness-1_zpspfxi4cvm.jpg

 photo yadotsa-2016-by-aimanness-2_zps6goedtvu.jpg

 photo yadotsa-2016-by-aimanness-3_zps7iuxu9af.jpg

 photo yadotsa-2016-by-aimanness-4_zpsfvpu1cnf.jpg

 photo yadotsa-2016-by-aimanness-5_zpssmzi6lur.jpg

 photo yadotsa-2016-by-aimanness-6_zpsf3t89bz7.jpg

 photo yadotsa-2016-by-aimanness-7_zpsk1jjoxw3.jpg

LANA Raya 2016

LANA Raya 2016. This is the first time with LANA, thanks to Lulu for the great offer this year. I'm already in love with the borneo concept for this collection, so meaningful. Big thanks to Alvin as our make up artist on that day, and of course thank you so much to Rita and Victoria as campaign girls for LANA 2016! You can find this collection on Fashion Valet! (instagram: lana_kualalumpur)

p/s: I love second image!

 photo lana-raya2016-by-aimanness-1_zpsiyaf2qhl.jpg

 photo lana-raya2016-by-aimanness-2_zpshvuhdzt6.jpg

 photo lana-raya2016-by-aimanness-3_zpsswa5q2og.jpg

 photo lana-raya2016-by-aimanness-4_zpskitqvduh.jpg

 photo lana-raya2016-by-aimanness-5_zps3m74oes1.jpg


MAATIN Shakir Raya 2016. My first time to shoot his campaign this year, I'm so glad that we have a great team on that day. The place was so hard for us to explores, but we made it awesomely fosho! Thanks to Alvin as MUA, VV as our hairstylist, Marianne as my assistant, Didi as one and only campaign girl for Maatin Shakir, Thank you Maatin!

p/s: The most hardest outdoor shoot I've ever done, I meant to go this place. 

 photo 1maatin-shakir-raya2016-by-aimanness-look6 4_zpsehsf1zwk.jpg

 photo maatin-shakir-raya2016-by-aimanness-2_zpszgmboqpr.jpg

 photo maatin-shakir-raya2016-by-aimanness-3_zps7t8eml1z.jpg

 photo maatin-shakir-raya2016-by-aimanness-4_zpsrcm4eitl.jpg

 photo maatin-shakir-raya2016-by-aimanness-6_zpsbvjyi7tn.jpg

 photo maatin-shakir-raya2016-by-aimanness-7_zpscw24wqyt.jpg

 photo maatin-shakir-raya2016-by-aimanness-8_zpssnel7idc.jpg

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

WOO/FIZIWOO for Zalora

WOO/FIZIWOO for Zalora, another campaign after Bridal collection. I just love those final results, we shots in Penang to achieved what we planned for this Raya campaign. Yes, it was at night and outdoor to shoot 10 models at the same time! Plus, I shots this sharp at 12 midnight and drove back to KL around 3 in the morning. Wonderful time and awesome experience, thanks to Owen for being my assistant for the shoot. Major love this campaign! Get your baju raya from ZALORA right now!

p/s: I'm missing Dahee so much!

 photo fiziwoo-for-zalora-by-aimanness-7_zpst4e3brfy.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-for-zalora-by-aimanness-1_zpseea4rdus.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-for-zalora-by-aimanness-6_zps40n06q6q.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-for-zalora-by-aimanness-2_zpspbjf7spy.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-for-zalora-by-aimanness-5_zps5xbni8uz.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-for-zalora-by-aimanness-3_zps4z8scmxf.jpg

 photo fiziwoo-for-zalora-by-aimanness-4_zpskwazv0gq.jpg

Tuesday, May 03, 2016


SIMON, a new male model in town from Andrewsmodel. It was a 40 minutes session with him for his test shoot. But at least he managed to do it. Thanks to Zakwan Anuar for the menswear this time, I just love the topless one, sexy! :)

P/S: I'm preparing myself for my first ever photography talk soon! *nervous*

 photo simon-by-aimanness-1_zpso5pzjysn.jpg

 photo simon-by-aimanness-2_zpstj1ilfbg.jpg

 photo simon-by-aimanness-3_zpsm7wmsa37.jpg

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


TASHA from Andrewsmodel Malaysia, one of the Fiziwoo campaign girl. This time I did some different style of test shoot like a Vanity Fair x Mert & Marcus. Yes the red backdrop is the main killer when it blends with black and white wardrobe from Fiziwoo. Thanks to Yan as my MUA as always, hahahahha.

p/s: I just received my US visa! :)

 photo tasha-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpsxkdb9dcg.jpg

 photo tasha-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpsrcxvm0nu.jpg

 photo tasha-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsd9vz6mvt.jpg

 photo tasha-by-aimanness-blog-4_zpslxvdrxmg.jpg