A Look at Him

A LOOK AT HIM by Armia Alipour. We managed to had a photoshoot at last. I've being plan to shoot him since last January. Yes this is my first persian male model and I love the last photo, stunning! Studio by Hazmil Japilus, one of my photographer friend, thanks Mell. I can't wait to shoot another male model soon and of course, another persian ;)

P/S: Currently watching Witches at East End & The Client List

 photo 2_armia_by_aimanness_1_zps5f76c5a8.jpg

 photo 2_armia_by_aimanness_2_zpsd82b90fe.jpg

 photo 2_armia_by_aimanness_3_zps403f0b86.jpg

 photo 2_armia_by_aimanness_4_zps233b3ad1.jpg

Yadotsa Lebaran

YADOTSA LEBARAN. The new collection of 2014. I just love those laces on prints, so beautiful. Model by Laissa Medeiros, she's totally stunning and very friendly model that I've ever met. Thanks so much to Yadotsa; Alia, Xema and Alissa for being a great team on that day. Since I got chance to update my blog today, saya mengucapkan selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan kepada semua Muslims di seluruh negara. 

P/S: Raya datang lagi! ;)

 photo aimanness-yadotsa-1_zps2f888941.jpg

 photo aimanness-yadotsa-2_zps760f400f.jpg

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