Saturday, August 13, 2016


DIANA, from Icon Model Management. Finally we've done something fashion portrait, beauty shot! This is what happens when you lack of idea and nothing to loan outfit from the designer. I just love the outcome, so fashion! The real freckles from herself, the natural hair color and those eyes just match and blend with the make up by Yan (@ahma_dhani). Perfect ten!

p/s: I can't wait to announce some good news! :)

 photo diana-by-aimanness-1_zpsdulhmvn1.jpg

 photo diana-by-aimanness-2_zpswztidymr.jpg

 photo diana-by-aimanness-3_zpsqzxmj90w.jpg

 photo diana-by-aimanness-4_zpsfrikbagx.jpg


CSEPI, 15-year-old female model from Brazil (Andrewsmodels). I love when we were experiment her look to make it different, especially the hair! Look at the bangs, up and down yall. I need more wigs! I love the effortless nude makeup from Yan. Thank you to Fiziwoo for the stunning garment as always. 

p/s: I should get more wigs soon! :)

 photo csepi-by-aimanness-1_zpstx4qumdz.jpg

 photo csepi-by-aimanness-2_zpsa7kuvgrf.jpg

 photo csepi-by-aimanness-3_zpsqhxncfan.jpg

 photo csepi-by-aimanness-4_zpszecrqazj.jpg

 photo csepi-by-aimanness-5_zpskqvujraj.jpg


LUKE Grimley, another male model from Andrewsmodels Malaysia. The moment I saw his compcard from Candy, I just booked him for the test shoot. It always been last minute and forcing myself to do the shoot at least once a month. Outfit all from Hatta Dolmat, accessories from Perte Handmade, and sunglass from Muzik Eyewear. What can I say, I love all photos fosho, all of 'em! Good job Luke. :)

p/s; 2 more female models to update soon!

 photo luke-grimley-by-aimanness-1_zpsgy2ojw5q.jpg

 photo luke-grimley-by-aimanness-2_zpszajnzf8a.jpg

 photo luke-grimley-by-aimanness-3_zps4ewjjlq0.jpg

 photo luke-grimley-by-aimanness-4_zpsuaveug9f.jpg

 photo luke-grimley-by-aimanness-5_zpsfzcaamhl.jpg

Friday, August 12, 2016

Lookbook #19: POPLOOK Wedding & Celebration

POPLOOK, The Wedding and Celebration 2016 Collection. We're back in the studio again. Thank you to Nina for being apart of the shoot, and to Yan as our MUA on that day. I just love those pastels when it match with the yellow and grey backdrop, lovely! FYI this is my forth lookbook with them. Hopefully we can shoot again and again! Shopping at right now!

p/s: OMG! I got lotsa photos to blog up soon -.-''

 photo poplook-bridesmaid-by-aimanness-1_zpsc9kweojd.jpg

 photo poplook-bridesmaid-by-aimanness-4_zpsqtbtolmz.jpg

 photo poplook-bridesmaid-by-aimanness-5_zpsfnfkde7k.jpg

 photo poplook-bridesmaid-by-aimanness-6_zps5lyyjyjd.jpg

 photo poplook-bridesmaid-by-aimanness-7_zpsv5wsu4tm.jpg

 photo poplook-bridesmaid-by-aimanness-8_zpsks0zorgd.jpg

 photo poplook-bridesmaid-by-aimanness-11_zpso8ps4kmd.jpg

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Lookbook #18: POPLOOK Bohemian Rhapsody

POPLOOK Bohemian Rhapsody Collection. This is our third time and coming shoot will be next next week. My second time shooting during Ramadan, I must day it was extremely exhausted and hydrated for sure. Thanks to Yan as our MUA on that day and big thanks to Nina, fashion designer crossover fashion director for this outdoor session. Thumbs up to PerTe handmade for the collabs accessories. For more photos do visit Poplook instagram/website!

p/s: I edited twice to get the final colors of the bohemian. -.-'' But thanks devianART!

 photo poplook-2016-bohemian-by-aimanness-blog-1_zpshheymqmh.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-bohemian-by-aimanness-blog-2_zpsrxfxglik.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-bohemian-by-aimanness-blog-3_zpsluxpidtk.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-bohemian-by-aimanness-blog-4_zps7wv3dkfw.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-bohemian-by-aimanness-blog-5_zps1xmyt9ku.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-bohemian-by-aimanness-blog-6_zpsa3x9u23b.jpg

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Lookbook #17: SUTRASILKA

SUTRASILKA Lookbook '15/16. How can I missed this lookbook series, totally busy but its fine. Its a menswear collection for Malaysia Fashion Week last time. And of course it was an outdoor shoot, 4-5 hours at least. Thanks to Eelar as our stylist, Albert Ian for PerTe accessories and of course thanks to the Founder of Sutrasilka as well! I just love the first look, hot!

p/s: Thumbs up to Putrajaya Skate Park!

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-1_zps7f63l2fv.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-8_zps7ofdmvsa.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-12_zpszk0wfm5h.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-3_zpsfgjcy2fb.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-2_zpsi6xxqojy.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-4_zpsawucfj1g.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-11_zpsaawyajmb.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-5_zpsahcu7tav.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-6_zpsghdduycf.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-7_zpshlh4qssj.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-10_zpsuf2d7bbq.jpg

 photo sutrasilka-by-aimanness-9_zpsfgtsxmxc.jpg

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lookbook #16: POPLOOK Painting Porcelain

POPLOOK, Painting Porcelain Collection. A second lookbook series from POPLOOK. We've done the both collection shooting in one day. I just love the make up from Khai Baha (@khaibaha). I bought that backdrop like finally, for sure I can't wait to reuse again for the fashion shoot! Don't forget to shop at POPLOOK right now! More picture on @POPLOOK instagram. 

p/s: I got a major announce soon, the thing that I've been waiting since 2013.

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-a_zpsyvls72ib.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-b_zps0sfi7x4n.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-c_zpswgluedqd.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-d_zpspd5bt2v2.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-e_zpszbktic2w.jpg

 photo poplook-2016-by-aimanness-f_zps5p52ot3u.jpg

Lookbook #15: POPLOOK Secret Garden

POPLOOK, A Secret Garden Collection. My first lookbook for 2016 make-up by Khai Baha. Since its a floral collection so we decided go for pink as the backdrop. I just love the pink color with every detail, minimalist. Thanks to Joanne and Nina especially and everyone who made it as a great creative team on that day. You can view more picture on @POPLOOK instagram. Shop at right now!

p/s: I just bought Hatta for Zalora this year! 

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-1_zpsyelenohl.jpg

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-2_zpsgzsawu4q.jpg

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-3_zps4sftfgik.jpg

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-4_zpsw36ddut7.jpg

 photo poplool-2016-by-aimanness-5_zpsk3id9rf7.jpg