HATTA X YUNA, Nuova Flora. I told Yuna that I would love to shoot her outdoor last time and TA-DA! so this project is one of the biggest achievement for my career so far, thank you to Yuna, Hatta and Yuna Room Records for the amazing journey of course. In fact, I'm so proud with my team in LA (Haida, Gabby, Faizura, Hatta, Didi and Auntie / Sucre Couture: accessories) and thanks to the models as well (Kristina and Olivia). As what you can see my trip in LA (from my personal instagram account), nothing much I can tell and you know why cos I'm already in love with Los Angeles (shooting place: Antelope Valley, El Matador Beach, Malibu Sand Dunes and Vasquez Rocks). The shoot was SPEECHLESS, you tell me. You can get the collection from Fashion Valet right now! :)

p/s: NYC, I'm coming for ya!

Aimanness Harun